Local, seasonal, holistic herbal support
for wellbeing and self-care.

Medicine for the community.

You are not ‘broken’. You do not need ‘fixing’. What ails us as a society comes from the systems of capitalism under which we live. These systems drive us to the belief that we are not enough, and so to anxiety, hopelessness, overwork, burnout.

Gratitude Herbals seeks to provide a holistic remedy for this social ailment. Medicine is found in connection with the plants that live among us, who remind us that we are enough.

Here in Wales, we live in community with nettles, hawthorns, roses, rowans, brambles, and many other beings who offer their medicine freely. And this medicine is not only in their chemical compounds and biological actions – though these are potent – but in their wisdom, their history, the stories they can tell us about who we are and where we come from.

This is the medicine of connection.

Seasonal Connection

Gratitude Herbals works closely with the plants who offer support to our nervous systems, our hearts and guts, our busy minds. Our offering is a daily self-care ritual with a foundation of gentle support for the nervous system. This is complemented by a changing range of seasonal preparations to bring us into closer connection with the wheel of the year, nourishing our bodies through the changes.

Our focus is on nourishing nervine and tonic preparations that can be taken as part of a daily self-care ritual, gradually building bodily and spiritual comfort and resilience in conversation with the turning seasons.

Land Connection

The most powerful medicine comes from the land we call home. Everything we use is found within our community in the hills of the Dyfi valley, and all plants have grown in British soil since Celtic times at least. Our herbs are tended on our allotments or respectfully foraged within a small local area ranging from Machynlleth down to the coastal mouth of the River Dyfi.

Reciprocal Connection

The medicine offered here begins with plant connection. Throughout the sowing, tending, foraging and harvesting of our plants, we are in conversation. We practice deep gratitude and curiosity when working with our plants, following a ritual of reciprocity and offering a forager’s prayer.