This is an experiment in anticapitalist folk healing.

I offer these items in trust that they will find their way to those who need their medicine.
Energetic exchanges are encouraged but not required – see this page for a list of things I am especially grateful to receive.

This work is about fostering a reciprocal relationship with the earth and its healing gifts.
As I learn and craft medicine from the plants that surround me, I enter more deeply into communion with these plant beings, allies to all who wish to walk and work with them.

These goodies are crafted in micro batches in my home kitchen, from herbs foraged with respect, reverence, and gratitude. I follow a careful code of ethics when foraging, only picking where there is a true abundance of any particular plant, never where bees are picking, and never if I hear a ‘no’ from the plant.

Plants are powerful! I offer these medicines with brief notes on their possible uses.
Please do your own research.